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Jamie Kay

Jamie Kay Summer Playsuit - Damson

Jamie Kay Summer Playsuit - Damson

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Organic Cotton Muslin Summer Playsuit - Damson

100% Organic Cotton Muslin

Why cotton muslin?
Cotton muslin is well known for its ability to breath while keeping the body nice and warm. Light and soft - perfect for those summery days or layering up for winter.

We source only the finest quality cotton to ensure we are providing your child with nothing but the best.


Length (from centre top of shirring at chest to hem): 0/3m 50.5cm, 3/6m 54cm, 6/12m 58.5cm, 1yr 63.5cm, 2yr 68.5cm, 3yr 73cm, 4y 78cm, 5y 83cm

Chest Relaxed: 0/3m 17cm, 3/6m 18cm, 6/12m 19cm, 1yr 20cm, 2yr 21cm, 3yr 22cm, 4y23cm, 5y 24cm

Chest Stretched: 0/3m 28cm, 3/6m 30cm, 6/12m 32cm, 1yr 34cm, 2yr 36cm, 3yr 38cm,4y 40cm, 5y 42cm

Delicate wash in a laundry bag 

Please note as these garments are all hand cut please allow a garment tolerance of 1/1.5cm for your measurements. 

For the most accurate garment colour please refer to the flat web image on a desktop computer.


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