Collection: Southern Slumber

Southern Slumber is a bamboo clothing company featuring designs inspired by all things southern!

It's our mission to provide quality sleep and day wear to our fellow southerners. Our products are not only really cute, but super functional! We make sure every clothing and accessory piece that we offer functions to its fullest ability. The fold over hands and feet on our double zipper sleepers will help protect your little ones from scratching themselves, as well as help to regulate their body temperature while they sleep. The double zipper function on our sleepers is ideal for quick middle of the night diaper changes while keeping baby cozy up top. All of our pajamas are made with extra length to ensure you get a little extra time and use out of them!  

As you know, it's hot in the south. Our bamboo material is temperature regulating, making it the perfect material for hot southern days and nights, but also for the few chilly ones too! Because bamboo grows freely and rapidly without the use of fertilizers or chemicals, it is considered to be a sustainable fabric which makes us like it even more. In addition to temperature regulation and sustainability, bamboo fabric is one of the softest and stretchiest options on the market. Its texture is ideal for those with sensory sensitivities. We can't wait for you to try our range of bamboo pieces!